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What is GIFT?

GIFT—Generations In Faith Together—is about passing on the Christian faith through a partnership of generations, individuals, and families. It will do this by providing opportunities, “GIFT NIGHTS,” for people of all ages to explore God’s love for them.  Through shared experiences and take-home ideas, these nights will engage and equip you for the task of passing on the faith to your children.

GIFT Nights 2020-2021

GIFT "Trinity Nights" Sundays Oct 4-25 @ 6pm

Our one true God is Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit—three 
distinct persons in one God.  GIFT “Trinity Nights” will help families explore the ministry of how each person of the Trinity serves us in different ways.

GIFT "Advent Nights" Sunday Dec. 6-20 @ 6pm

Advent is the time when we reflect on and count down to the coming of Christ. These nights will provide a time to share the Advent rituals and traditions that have been passed down through many generations, and to make new ones.

GIFT "Lent Nights" Sunday March 7-28 @ 6pm

GIFT "Lent Nights" encourages generations to share their Lenten rituals and traditions as well as spend time together making resources that can be used at home during the weeks of Lent. 

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