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COVID-19 Precautions 

@ St. Paul's

Below are the CDC and PA recommended precautions we are taking.


  • We encourage everyone to mask.

  • Social Distancing: We’re asking members to try and avoid crowding together as you pick your seat(s) in the sanctuary.  Obviously, families don’t have to practice that with one another.

  • Greeting: Please greet each other at church without shaking hands, hugging, or touching wherever possible.  I recognize this will be difficult for St. Paul's, but it is a simple and effective step we can take until this passes.

  • Passing the Peace: Please smile and wave, but do not touch at the Passing of the Peace during our worship. 

  • Offering: To avoid spreading germs via the plate, ushers will simply take the offering at the center doors following service.

  • Communion: Instead of our normal practice of intinction, the ushers will be handing out single use cups to be filled by the server.  

  • Exiting: After service we are temporarily abstaining from the "Pastoral Handshake.”  The reason for this is not for the pastor's safety, but rather to prevent him from spreading germs to someone more vulnerable.  

  • If you are involved any way in St. Paul's worship or Sunday ministry, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water both before and after the service.  This includes altar guild, greeters, ushers, ministry assistants, eucharistic ministers, musicians, clergy, audio visual, social hour volunteers, and nursery workers.

  • Finally, if you are not feeling well, or understand yourself to be in one of the “at risk” groups for whom COVID-19 may be particularly dangerous, there is no shame if you feel like you need to stay home.  If this happens, take advantage of our church’s live stream at  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these precautions, please contact Pastor, Greg Carns, or Hobie Kenton.

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